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*Muraki has been claimed folks."


  • What exactly is this website? 
Aren't we happy you asked!  Wow, we're plural.  Anyway this website is dedicated to the anime/manga of Yami no Matsuei.  If you do not know what that is I advise you find out and then come back.  This is specifically a Role Playing Game site.  On a note we like yaoi.  Oh we like yaoi.  For the road, yaoi is m/m action.  And I WILL accept lemons so please be mature about this. If you can't handle it, don't join. 
  • How do I join? 
 Fill out the handy join sheet and send it in, then come on down!
  • Who the heck are you? 
 For the record I'm Kat, though feel free to call me Empress, Goddess, She Who Controlleth the Chocolate and Caffiene. Worship me and Talk to me at  To find out more about me and my religious practices ^_^ visit my livejournal.  Donations accepted.  Fnah fnah fnah.

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Disclaimer: Yami no Matsuei and the characters contained therein in no way shape or form belong to me no matter how much I beg.