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Out Takes From a Blue Rose
Drama Queen

Some one once told me if I knew how to dress I could be model. Im still not sure whether to be complimented or insulted. In order to give it a farther test I tried it once on a runway. Very boring. Ive never tried it again.

However, this is not to say I gave up the idea. I just formatted it to my personal entertainment with home photo shoots, complete with clothes just as frightening as you see on any runway.

From conventions to theatrics, to just dressing up with the gang, I present Heather Martin.


All pictures are property of Heather Martin unless indicated otherwise.  Do not use without permission.


Heather at Otakon.
Anime convention
Courtesy of

Quote of the Day: What! That old Platapus, I'd rather get involved in Kama Sutra with Megan, a Eggbeater and Spaghetti than dream of Donkey Punch with her, Ooh, the very thought makes my Knee curl.