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Join the Craziness
So You're Feeling Creative
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Here we go, the long awaited joining instructions.  Please contain your excitement and simply fill out the handy dandy form displayed for your convenience and send it to
Name: (eh, whatever you want to be called)
Age: (Since lemons are allowed you really should be over 18, and if you aren't send me a seperate email telling me your mature enough to handle it.  Don't worry I'm open minded)
AIM Screen name: (If applicable.  I'm thinking of maybe making a date where everyone can get together and try some chatroom RPing face to face)
First Choice:
Second Choice:
Now convince me: (Come on, you want to be John Jacob Jingleheimer Schmidt tell me why I shouldn't pick your evil clone instead.  Grammar and spelling always helps)

See the "So You're Feeling Creative" page for original characer applications.  You guys get a whole page all to yourself!  Whee!

Fact: 90% of the people who apply who use spell check and good grammar will get their first choice.  Fact: I just made that up.