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Otherwise known as "everybody else."  I have not read the manga, if you want to include manga characters thats spiffy but give me a little character description so I can add to this page.  Also any original characters go here.


Name: Oriya
He's seems pretty normal for a guy who runs a high class brothel and is friends with Muraki.  Mmmm....yummy.


Name: The Earl
Oh boy, what a bizarre guy.  Mask and glove whatever.  Not much is known about him, and he shows up only biefly in the anime.  In the little I know of the manga he appears to have a bit of a crush on Tsuzuki.  Doesn't everyone?


Name: Konoe
Boy I don't know much about this guy either.  He has a sweet tooth and erm.  Yes.  Take on home today!

And everyone else I don't know or was incapable of finding pictures.  Fill in the blank holes of my knowledge!  Save a Kat!  Seriously if they're not listed they're unclaimed.  Send me pictures!  Send me profiles!  If you choose an Original character I'll post a description AND (if I'm really bored) draw a picture if one is not provided.